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December 25 2012


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New York divorce lawyer

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December 12 2012

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November 29 2012

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Climate Change Forum: How Low Can We Go?
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strongly agree!

Fraud claim over Wallace art treasures

French historian reveals Marquess of Hertford's heir inherited priceless collection by faking will

Paintings by Titian, Rembrandt, Watteau, Canaletto, Gainsborough, Poussin, and Velázquez hang close to Limoges enamels, glass and bronzes, as well as one of the finest arrays of ancient weaponry and armour in Britain. Frans Hals's The Laughing Cavalier beams out from his canvas amid a superb collection of 18th-century French paintings, porcelain, furniture and gold boxes, probably the best to be found anywhere outside France.

The Wallace Collection, housed in Hertford House in London's Manchester Square, is internationally renowned and justly proud of its works, but a new book based on previously unseen French archives suggests that the creator of the collection inherited the priceless works through fraud - and that France was deprived of its share of the collection.

For almost 140 years, the world's art historians believed the official line, still presented today to visitors at the Wallace Collection, that in 1870 the fourth Marquess of Hertford bequeathed his entire fortune and art collection to his natural son, Richard Wallace, a child his mistress Agnes Jackson supposedly bore him.

But now Lydie Perreau, a French art historian, has compiled new evidence that, she claims, proves that Richard Wallace was not the son of the marquess and had most probably tampered with his will, adding a codicil that made him the sole heir.

"I stumbled into this story by accident," said the 63-year-old novelist in Paris. "I was doing some research about my great-great-grandmother, Seymourina, the fourth marquess's goddaughter. She, too, was believed by some to be the illegitimate daughter. In truth, the marquess was probably sterile. In a letter he wrote to a friend, he described himself as a 'barren bird'."

Many people at that time had illegitimate children, she said. "His own mother was the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Queensbury. His younger brother, Lord Seymour, was also a natural son. It makes things very complicated."

The Fortune of Richard Wallace, to be published in France next month, claims Richard Wallace was in fact a member of Hertford's staff, a lost child who went on to become a nurse to the marquess's mother and then, after her death, the marquess's private secretary. "When Wallace discovered that the marquess's mother didn't leave him a penny, despite his devoted nursing, he must have felt resentment against the family."

In 1850, six codicils were added to the marquess's first will, including the fateful lines concerning Richard Wallace. Only one of the six was written by a solicitor and counter-signed by witnesses. When the marquess died 20 years later, all that was found was the 1850 amended will. "I don't believe for one minute that the 1850 will was the last one," said Perreau. "The man was extremely precise and procedural. You can see this in everything he does."

Asked under oath whether he knew of the existence of the will, Wallace replied that he didn't. "He lied," said Perreau. "I found the 30-page report of the municipal clerk who came to the château de Bagatelle a few hours after the marquess's death. In it, he says that Wallace knew there was a will: he knew where it was and had the keys to the drawer with him."

For the French historian, things are pretty clear. At the time of his death, Hertford was busy restructuring three properties he owned in rue Laffite in Paris. "He had asked his architect to build a second museum to shelter his Parisian collection. I'm sure he wrote one last will in which he would have bequeathed half his collection to France and the other half to Britain."

Instead, Wallace, who had no particular taste for art, kept the collection for himself in England without adding much to it, finally leaving it all to his wife, a perfumer's shop assistant who had been his mistress before she became Lady Wallace. What remained in Manchester Square was eventually bequeathed to Britain in 1897 under the name of the Wallace Collection, while the rest was sold in bulk to art dealers.

What does Lydie Perreau hope to achieve with her revelations? "My book is a rehabilitation of the fourth Marquess of Hertford, who was a great art collector. The least would be for the Wallace Collection to be renamed after its true founder and be known as the Hertford Collection."

• La Fortune de Richard Wallace by Lydie Perreau, published by JC Lattès

guardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds

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James Kibbie - Bach Organ Works

Free downloads of the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded by Dr. James Kibbie on original baroque organs in Germany, are offered on this site.

Click Familiar Masterworks to begin with a selection of audience favorites.

Click Catalog for a list of all works.

Click Search to find a specific work, collection or venue.

Click Download in Groups to download multiple works with a single click.

This project is sponsored by the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance with generous support from Dr. Barbara Furin Sloat in honor of J. Barry Sloat. Additional support has been provided by the Office of Vice-President for Research, the University of Michigan.

On-site recording: Christian Cerny, Leipzig, Germany
Editing and mastering: David Lau, Brookwood Studio, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

scores / Noten to download via

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good deeds will be repaid...

Dear soup support, aka @kitchen .... | oAnth 2011-09-22 - latest entry: 2012-10-29


2012-10-29 CET 4:00 a.m. (UTC + 1:00 )

Again the same effect (now for the 4th time in 2 weeks): about 200 or more repetitions of the same post in my personal time line at oAnth - from a specific entry which I even haven't reposted by myself at all. What an annoying incident - @kitchen, please give me an explication for this kind of looping effect. It takes easily 1 hour to delete the whole amount posting by posting. - oAnth.



2012-10-20 CEST 3:50 a.m. (UTC + 2:00 )

I just had to delete about 200 same postings which were IMO caused by a looping script - this happened to me at soup.io for the 3rd time this week - the first 2 times I didn't receive any reactions about this by @kitchen to whom I addressed each time my problem.

How are these very annoying posting auto repetition effects to explain? - oAnth


2012-09-12 CEST 7:00 p.m. (UTC + 2:00 )

Unfortunately soup.io is in a catastrophic state: nether automatic RSS imports (also manually) nor  for the user acceptable loading times are any more supplied. I don't want to complain about many other unsolved feature problems, but in general, the situation went worth and worth and is meanwhile unacceptable. - oAnth

cf.: http://02mydafsoup-01.soup.io/post/280073779/Unfortunately-soup-io-is-in-a-catastrophic



2012-09-08 CEST 6:20 p.m. (UTC + 2:00 )

Dear @kitchen,

the RSS import is back but would work (in my accounts) in their automatic functionality very belated (several hours up to one day) or even only by manual activation - this is an observation, which is related to my experience since more than a month, when the automatic RSS import restarted.

Since recently there is a strange phenomenon to observe concerning the avatars in the menu line, which in some of my accounts is not minimized ( so e.g. at http://02mysoup-aa.soup.io  )

What I could read in other getsat entries, and would like to affirm personally by my own experience since several month - the customized CSS skin sheets aren't any more available; I made meanwhile copies in a separate  file, but I  guess, it's rather evidently not the way, how it should work.

Thanks - oAnth


[2012-09-08  3:10 a.m. CEST(UTC + 02:00)]

@kitchen, we are again there, where we have been recently about month ago - soup.io is suffering by the defective auto import feature for RSS feeds - and, I have to add, as usual, no feedback is provided about the soup.io status by the soup staff. There is nothing new to say on the lamentable situation, for more see my earlier entries.


[2012-07-08  5:40 p.m. CEST(UTC + 02:00)]


"... Dear Mattis Manzel and soup.io users,

there seems to be quite evidently no social network service [but soup.io] which tried to insist on the original early social network [2007] idea of open structured incoming and outgoing RSS-feeds combined with highly communicative dynamics in all levels of content by mutually changeable entries between its community members - what makes it so hard to find an adequate platform to replace it.

Nevertheless a honest report of state shows immediately, what remained has nothing to do any more with the initial concept, simply by its ongoing dysfunctional features. ..."


[2012-06-24 03.20 p.m. CEST (UTC + 02:00)]

"...We are currently exploring ways of handing over control of Soup.io to the community of its users over the next few months, so that development can be restarted. More on that as soon as we know more... " (Christopher Clay)



[2012-06-21 01.20 a.m. CEST (UTC + 02:00)]


"... The situation is IMHO quite symbolic for the general path which social networks have mostly taken and proved therein to lose their initial momentum - it's overwhelmingly disgusting.  ..."


[2012-03-27 08.15 p.m. CEST (UTC + 02:00)]



[2012-03-23 1.30 p.m. CET (UTC + 01:00)]

In regard of the ongoing problems on Soup.io
( addressed to @kitchen and everyone else to whom it may concern)

The actually broken automatic RSS import is probably for users like @Sigalon, @chegoo and me the most disturbing problem, but there is a lot of more (since long ago) to complain about:
- search function is broken
- posting via mail, since long ago doesn't work,
- the spam issue (to observe in everyone's timeline) seems to be completely out of control, 

and it's again and again the lack of any reasonable feedback which is really disturbing for the user community.

Please give your users a time perspective, what you are trying to do for the moment and for a longer outlook. Many amongst them are waiting for your promised new Soup version, which might bring perhaps a solution for the ongoing accumulation of dysfunctional features.

But even then we, the users, may ask ourselves, whether the individual soup histories (for me dating back to 2008) will be integrated and apply to the search and tag functionalities, as they are supposed to work in the current version.

It's in general a huge wall of non-transparency and of hidden economic interests which wrests more and more from the Web2.0 any credibility and Soup.io seems to join unfortunately the path may be by neglect, may be by other reasons, which users can't be aware of, for they are by default not provided with the necessary details.

Still in hope to hear more from you ( @kitchen )

With best regards



[2011-11-30 - 9.00 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

Also the problem with RSS import is on its way to reach normal status back.

[2011-11-30 - 1.35 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

the problem with video embedding seems to be fixed meanwhile.

[2011-11-30 - 11.45 a.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

@kitchen, and to whom else it may concern:

Again (and again) neither  the automatic RSS-upload functionalities nor the manual ones are working on my accounts since about 2 days in any aspect.

Further is any kind of video embedding via content menu or via bookmarklet completely refused.

[W_xp SP3]


[2011-11-11 - 03.00 p.m, CET (UTC + 01:00)]

@kitchen, and anyone else, how it concerns:

Again, the automatic RSS-upload functionalities are working for all my contacts inclusively myself, since about 2 days completely dysfunctional. My RSS uploads are only manually available.



Soup.io works since several days constantly quite well, including RSS-Feed auto import and picture loading, which caused during the weeks before a lot of troubles for the user community. - 06.00 am CEST



Nether manually, nor automatically works the RSS-Feed upload feature - 08.40 pm CEST



constantly one 504 Gateway Time-out after the other - Soup in general slow and a lot of difficulties to repost via repost button.



I didn't encounter any 504 Gateway Time-out for several hours - 10.40 pm CEST


constantly one 504 Gateway Time-out after the other - Soup in general slow and a lot of difficulties to repost via repost button.



The image loading and the feed auto import are back to normal - other problems, as mentioned below and in the listed "recent problems" at getsatisfaction.com are still to solve - hopefully in the new soup-version, already announced in January 2011.



kitchen kitchen
Feed imports have been restarted. Although it might take some time until the workers get through the backlog.


All servers are back to normal, and the asset thumb generation (i.e., the missing images) is working again.
@kitchen, please - the missing images are back, fine, but still missing the "RSS auto import" as well, when will it be back?
Twitter / @soup_io: All servers are back to no ...



Server problems - RSS auto support still broken; else, see earlier entries.



there has been two days when the RSS auto support was working correctly - since 20110830 the RSS auto support is again broken; else, as already described earlier - oAnth



Dear soup-support aka @kitchen,

unfortunately some soup.io specific complaints are IMO meanwhile unavoidable.

From those accounts depending totally on RSS-support more and more are completely disfunctional some since more than a month - the RSS support for my Soup-accounts is since approximately one week only updated in case I do it manually. It's hardly to understand that noone else than @Sigalon and oAnth is complaining about this, as it happens since more than one year again and again.

[actually without RSS-Feed support: @glaserei, @fefe, @netzpolitik, @nerdcore most of the @Sigalon accounts, - etc. etc- ] and btw. the soup status provides no data.

An important unsolved problem is further since a long time the incorrect working search function - (with search results in my case starting with September 2010 and later, far away from any actual entries.) Other soup.io-users are complaining about the broken mail-posting feature, etc. etc. ....

... and still as the great question in the background remains: when will come finally the new soup.io-version as announced early in 2011?

Greetings from Munich - oAnth


see also on getsatisfaction.com
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education is really the answer...

Robert Brandom: Teaching and Research Materials - 2011 Munich Hegel Lectures

  Robert Brandom: Teaching and Research Materials

  2011 Munich Hegel Lectures
Knowing and Representing: Reading (between the lines of) Hegel’s Introduction
The 2011 Munich Hegel Lectures

The lectures were given 30 May - 1 June, 2011, at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
Lecture One, "Conceptual Realism and the Semantic Possibility of Knowledge":Handout,Text

Lecture Two, "Representation and the Experience of Error: A Functionalist Approach to the Distinction between Appearance and Reality":Handout,Text

Lecture Three, "Following the Path of Despair to a Bacchanalian Revel: The Emergence of the Second, True, Object":Handout,Text
The lectures were followed by a presentation on 4 June, 2011, at the conference "Aspects of Reason: Justification and Explanation" at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität.
"Some Post-Davidsonian Elements of Hegel’s Theory of Agency":Handout,Text

via Evernote
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sad times indeed... :(

Joseph Haydn: Quartett No. 52 in D-major, op. 64 (1790), No. 5, ("The Lark"/ "Lerchenquartett") Hoboken gr. III - No. 63 - offene Ablage: nothing to hide

4 yt-videos (~ 17min) The Royal Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble with Joseph Haydn's String Quartet "The Lark"/ "Lerchen Qartett" (Op. 64 No. 5 in D-major) 1. Allegro moderato - 2. Adagio cantabile - 3. Menuetto: Allegretto - 4. Finale: Vivace

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I thought it was a very wonderful wedding...

Vedero, Hungary Far Right Group, Causes Roma Mass Evacuation With Training Camp

GYONGYOSPATA, Hungary — The Hungarian Red Cross evacuated hundreds of Roma women and children from their homes Friday because they were frightened of a far-right vigilante group that was setting up a training camp near their village.

The 277 evacuees from the village of Gyongyospata were taken by bus to other parts of Hungary because the local Roma are concerned about potential confrontations with members of Vedero, or Defense Force.

Read More..

For divorce advises – Hire the best NY Divorce Lawyer

Is your relationship with your husband starting to fall apart? If things are starting to be different, then you might want to think and consider ending your marriage with a divorce. The term can be a little harsh for some people but in this modern world, most of the people are now getting accustomed to divorce. People who are in a married life are now open to divorce especially in this modern world. They are most likely to end up an unhealthy marriage than trying to save it sacrificing their own happiness. For a situation like this, every couple should be prepared emotionally and financially. A good divorce lawyer is needed to make it fast and effective.

New York divorce attorney

If you need some legal advice regarding your plan, a New York divorce lawyer can give you one. You can always search the internet for some lists of the best law firms in town. Websites are now available for all of the law firms. The best thing about visiting their websites is that you can immediately know if the firm is reliable and most especially provides top caliber NY divorce lawyer. Through the law firms’ website, you are guaranteed to hiring top caliber New York divorce lawyer. Going through a divorce is indeed a tough one. But with the most reliable New York divorce lawyer at your back, you can get through the process easily. So make up your mind, hire an NY divorce lawyer now so you can get on with your life.
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